Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ur Very Own Royal Wedding Event Q8!

Havent got your invitation in the post? pfffff No matter, Here is my invitation to you ...

Hereee hereeee I thou shall cordialy invite all settlers residing in Kuwait to - have your very own viewing soire!  

Event: Will and Kat's Royal Wedding
Date: Friday 29th April 2011
Venue: ur very own Home converted into a Westminsiter Abbey

 Here are my ideas on some of the essentials you will require:

1- Crisp White Invitation Letters: Remember the British only know how to go about things one way and that is 'the Proper way" (add an English accent). The invitations should be plain white, cursive black lettered font.

2-  Snacks and knick knacks: Smoked Salmon Blinis. The wedding ceremony begins with the arrival of the wedding guests at 8 -9am London time which puts us in Kuwait time 10 am -11am. What are some British snacks fit for a Royal Function?

Smoked Salmon Blinis
Recipe: (right from Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen)
Warm the blinis in the oven. Mix the crème fraîche and horseradish together and spoon a little onto each blini. Top with a small piece of smoked salmon, season with freshly ground black pepper and serve.
 3- Lunch: Shepherd's Pie
Shepherd's Pie
From M&S
Serve an individual size portion per person. Too much hassle to make it from scratch? Why not make life easier and purchase Shepherd's Pie from Marks and Spencer's Frozen goods section. Found at your local 360 mall! Can't be more British than shopping at M&S food Hall

4- Dessert: A basket of Scones, muffins smeared with Clotted cream, includes a variety of jams. Followed by High tea to wine down the festivities 

Crumbs Store in q8:their popular seller 'Scone basket'
Note: Must call the kitchen in a day advance 

  5- Decor: Theme Colors are Shades of Ruby Red and Royal Blue, everything from Napkins to cushions. Embed the British flag in your home at every opportunity. A quick sketch which I made below are triangular British Flags, that you can outline your living space with:

All you need is Printed British Flags, snip them into triangular modules and attach them on a string. Stick them around the ceiling of your viewing space and voila! ( u may also use red and Blue triangular paper and use them alternatively instead of the British flag for less hassle)

6- Party Hat's: Crowns & Tiara's, your equal substitute.


A lil of my Madness: And why not use Toy Trumpets as for blow out flutes?

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