Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Design = LoVE

Day after day our Weather Fairy has been sprinkling or rather more like dumping this town with DUst, Dust and more Dust. Not only has the skies been gloomy, but so has the MadHatter. So I thought we need some sunshine, aka LOvE inspiration for the day. Here are some Design features, or your average every day items, or chores that turns my (and hopefully yours) mood rings pink.

Had to start with every day dose of sugar-iced cupcake

the old Love, the long lasting kind..
Edible Rings! Who needs Cartier love collection when u got these?!?

 Floral Center Piece Design!

Shabby Chic interior, when I am not in my contemporary element

ANy day, any time sofa:)

and lastly my true love .....COncrete slabbed, clean cut, Glass from the tip of your toes till the ceiling end...HOMES. for where do you meet or place your family, friends, clothes, cars, shoes if not a place you call home?

Have a day of 'LOVE' Kuwait:)
Spread it, give it, receive it, devour it and cherish it.

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