Wednesday, April 20, 2011

'Light' at the end of another Dusty Day

The 'Bo Concept' Home Furnishing show room; at Marina mall ground floor, were displaying these intriguing industrial exposed ceiling light bulbs. It was flaunted over a white glossy dining set, hung on  a gypsum board by an array of colored cable strings. Personnel usage preferences can vary from conference tables, to restaurants, and your very own family home! The colored cables allows it to be fun and inviting, chipping away the cold contemporary look. They sell for 15KD a pop. You can hang them in a straight line, in an elevated spiral etc use your imagination. They provide you with their handy man to create your vision.
I quickly photoshoped a replica of the showcased Light bulbs (couldn't find it on their website). On the far Right corner, is an image of one of the version of their light bulbs found from the Bo Concept catalogue. However, in reality the light bulb itself is much more embossed.

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