Monday, April 25, 2011

Missoni Hotel Meets Mad Hatter

    Alas Mad Hatter has met its Designer Soul mate- Missoni Hotel in Kuwait is officially open and running as of a couple of weeks ago. I was privileged to a tour at this wondrous hotel, featuring 4 types of exclusive rooms from the Junior Suit to the Grande Rooms. Now this is unlike any other Fashion Designer having his/her go at creating hotel suits with their signature look. Such as Burj Khalifa, with its Armani Decor suits, which reminded me more of a bachelor pad, with a color scheme ranging from charcoal black, granite grey and aluminum browns. This 'Missoni' was truly a piece of modern art, all in all; the spaces ooozed with class, Italian luxury at every corner, bold colored strokes on every wall, wish bone chairs and stools, hidden TV screen within the bathroom mirror. Attention to detail unlike no other space in town with Nespresso machines and choices of coffee blends, local in house frizzy water, pasta and olive oil stored in your rooms Kitchenette cabinets, majority of the staff were fresh off the boat from Italy....its never ending.
    I can surmise Missoni style as a 'risk taker' when it comes to color, using fierce bold fluorescent spring and summer colors, creating striking contrasts when you stack Sea Blue wall panel to Tangerine Orange. The clever part is yet to come, if you are familiar with the Missoni fashion line you could envision the signature Missoni look; which is the zig zag-ed fabric with multicolored patterns. Now take that fabric and shred it! Yes you heard me, you shred it into long strings, and string them all along the walls. The overlay of the colored strings on the bold painted wall, metaphorically in my opinion turns the walls into furniture itself! Clothing the facade panels with warmth and texture. The string fabrics were also entwined as spiraled chandeliers, providing squared cuts spaces into an illusionary curvature room etc.. simply masterful and fresh. 
     Here are some quick pictures which I took during the tour, the delightful Sales and Marketing manager of the hotel will be sending me some of their exclusive pictures in the next few days, will post those soon. 
     Major Inside Scoop Kuwait: The Missoni Furniting Home Line store will be opening right after Ramadan sometime in Sept. at the Symphony building!! Pricey I know, but well worth breaking your piggy bank over. 

The squared spaced dining room, with the illusionary semi circle string wrap around

Hidden Digital TV within bathroom mirror

Clay pots, Pasta's, olive oil 

The Restaurant

Even in the offices you will find an Andy Warhol scheme portrait of the Amir ! 

the Coco Cafe

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