Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mad Hatter Infant Tea Party

Event: Baby Girl Celebrating 7 Month old Mile stone
Menu: Cupcake Tower made up of Rose water Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting
Mission: To successfully create the munchness of the Cream Cheese Frosting

Yesterday, till the wee hours of the night, I have baked the Rose Water cupcakes to a perfect yellow fluff of a bed mattress perfection. Secretly embedded pistachios. For what is a rose garden cupcake without a lil green and nut crunch to it;) 

Alas, all was well with the world, except as was yet again the bloody frosting.For this trial I decided to seek aid from the only patisserie that I know wouldn't fail me, 'Magnolia's Bakery Cook book' (droooool dribble dribble) based in NYC. The recipe called for:

2x (8oz) of cream cheese
5 cups of confectionery sugar (I kid you not)
115g of unsalted butter

As mad as a hat, as well as my not so handy assistant blindly managed to overlook that we needed '2' packages of cream cheese filling. so we had to estimate our way through and thankfully to the rescue cut the required sugar quantity.

End result- Cream Cheese Goouu

I vow today that I will get this right before the event. I am armed with 6 packets of Philadelphia cream cheese and I am not afraid to use it. shall keep you posted with the after math pics.....

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